Over the past year, TaxAct has been hard at work improving our software in order to better serve you and your clients. In fact, we’re excited to announce some of our latest developments now ahead of the coming tax season.

First, the newest versions of TaxAct Professional will offer even simpler downloading and installation. We’re making it easier than ever to quickly set up and access your software with a highly streamlined process. Faster installation and downloading means a hassle-free start to a more productive season. Serve your clients’ needs more efficiently and save your own valuable time while you’re at it.

Another advantage of newly updated TaxAct software comes in the form of enhanced security, a crucial element of tax return preparation. As you are aware, the IRS requires that tax preparers implement and enforce security of client data at all times. TaxAct is committed to providing software designed with top-tier security in mind, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that your clients’ data is protected.

In addition, upcoming versions of TaxAct Professional software will feature a component that has been highly requested by many of the professionals we serve: enhanced online storage capability. For the first time, our enhanced cloud storage system will offer a variety of features that mirror the benefits typically seen in local storage environments.

As part of our multi-year plan to continue improving your TaxAct Professional experience, we’re also rolling out centralized depreciation data entry — potentially our most productivity-focused development for tax year 2019. Features include:

  • State-specific depreciation calculations on a per asset basis
  • Capture of state depreciation information at the federal return level
  • Greater consistency when reporting state depreciation, especially for multi-state returns

All of this means that while previous software versions required manual entry of data in state depreciation worksheets, the new TaxAct Professional will automatically feed data entered at the federal level to the appropriate locations for state. Save even more time and increase your business’s productivity with every return you prepare.

Additional enhancements to your trusted TaxAct software are always in the works, so stay tuned for more in the coming months.