Hello, my name is Nyrie Sarkissian and I am the owner of Tax Prep A-Go-Go. You have to say my company name with some pizazz. Tax Prep A-GO-GO! I have been preparing tax returns for over 15 years. It all started when my best friend came to me in 2006 and said, “I haven’t filed a tax return for 4 years”. I sprang into action and here we are today. From learning how to fill out a 1040 manually 15 years ago, to now – using TaxAct®, first-class professional tax preparation software. I’m going to share some of my thoughts with you today on the topic of marketing. I built my business from that one friend in 2006 to over 90 clients in TY 2020. 

Nyrie’s Top Three Steps to Generating Referrals

If you want to be successful as a tax preparer, it’s about more than just having loyal clients. To grow your business, you need for those loyal clients to work for you, by referring you new clients!

Our industry is not one that can count on the glory of having “followers” on social media. After all, who wants to follow a Tax Preparer on Instagram? Who even wants to hear about taxes except when they are faced with having to file them? What we do is not glamorous. It’s not interesting to most people. And reminding people that they need to pay taxes is not something they welcome in their social media feed.

I started my business by filing taxes for a handful of people. I now have over 110 clients, and I have never advertised or marketed myself. I get clients because they were REFERRED to me.

Referrals demonstrate why clients do business with you. Referrals produce more referrals. Most importantly, referrals cost practically zero.

A referred client already trusts you. Your responsibility is to prove that they can trust you and that in turn shows your referring client why they are doing business with you.

Here are 3 steps I take to generate referrals: 

1. Offer incentives to existing clients:

Remember, I said that referrals cost “practically zero”. Offering a discount of 10% off your client’s next invoice if they refer someone to you is an inexpensive way to generate referrals. This discount should be implemented with an *…that referral needs to be converted into a paying client before the discount would be bestowed.

2. Ask your clients to write you a review:

During that final call with a client, before I electronically file their return, I ask them to write me a company review on my Facebook page and share it on their page. It works and not only that, but it also makes you feel good hearing a client touting your ability and sharing their appreciation for the work you did for them. You feel rewarded, with or without gaining a referral.

3. Dig Deeper:

Your client may tell you something about their brother-in-law who hasn’t filed taxes in 3 years or their dentist who mentioned she was unhappy with her tax preparer. Engage with your clients and ask them to have said brother-in-law or dentist call you. Offer that discount!

None of this advice will hurt you or compromise your standing as an amazing tax preparer. It’s a simple way to generate more business, build your clientele and feel good about yourself and the work you do!