As a tax preparation professional, you’re already aware that your role in your clients’ lives extends beyond preparing and submitting their returns. The sensitive data to which you’re privy requires many layers of security, and the families who trust you with that information count on your practice to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, protecting all of that sensitive information — especially in today’s ever-changing digital climate — means much more than creating a few complex passwords. The IRS requires that all professionals responsible for preparing and submitting tax returns provide a solidly secure environment for all client data.

And it isn’t only a matter of federal law. Your business is your livelihood, and taxpayers expect that the money they spend on tax preparation also include a safeguard against identity theft and other forms of cyber fraud. When your clients know that their personal information is protected, you not only earn their trust — you gain their continued business. Add to that the inherent value that comes with positive word of mouth in your community, and you’ve got more than enough reason to invest in security you and your clients can count on.

The Reassurance Your Clients Deserve

That’s where TaxAct Professional® and Client Xchange factor into your daily business. Unencrypted emails — not to mention faxes — are a prime target for cybercriminals seeking to obtain sensitive customer data, including social security numbers, birth dates, bank information, and more. With Client Xchange, all of the data you use to prepare and file client returns is stored and transmitted through our secure servers.

Client Xchange allows you to interface with your clients in a way that is convenient, cost effective, and secure. Taxpayers are able to quickly upload and download documents via an account protected by a password they create. 24/7 access to your secured, unique site URL ensures that your customers feel safe sharing their data, adding an additional aspect of confidence to a task that might otherwise prove daunting.

Client Xchange: Benefiting Your Bottom Line

Providing your clients with a more secure way to transfer information helps to protect your practice from IRS interference, but it aids in growing your business in other ways as well.

While mailing paper documents is still the preferred method for some, the number of customers who choose to send and receive their sensitive data via snail mail is consistently dwindling. Significantly cut down on the cost of postage and mailing supplies with Client Xchange, and simultaneously cater to the growing base of customers who are opting out of paper mail due to green initiatives — research shows that paperless transactions are becoming more and more important to millions of Americans by the year.

TaxAct Professional is committed to providing our tax preparation professionals throughout the United States with the most up-to-date information surrounding tax news and advice. Keep an eye out next month for our post on the latest recommendations from the IRS regarding best practices for safeguarding your clients’ data.