As you may know, the IRS now requires all tax software to request additional PTIN verification from tax preparation professionals. It is necessary for each preparer to simply check a box verifying that their PTIN is accurate and that they are indeed the registered owner. Fortunately, TaxAct® Professional makes this step quick and easy:

  1. In the Basic Information section of the Preparer Info page, enter your name, SSN, and PTIN as normal.
  2. Directly to the right of the PTIN field, you’ll see an empty checkmark box accompanied by text that reads “I verify this PTIN is accurate and the associated Preparer is the registered owner.”
  3. Click the box to enter a checkmark and continue filling in the remaining fields on the page as you normally would.

If you do happen to attempt to proceed without entering the required information and/or checking the box, you will receive a popup message that states “You are required to verify this Preparer’s PTIN is accurate and they the registered owner in order to file returns.” This step must be completed before filing of any kind is possible. Even if you have imported your PTIN, verification is still required.

As always, if you find that you need support at any time, we’re here to help. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your clients.