Version 1.0 is now available for all TaxAct 2018 Professional Federal Editions This updated includes:

  • E-filing for the following:
    • 1040 Federal
    • Note: The IRS has not yet announced when they will open for tax year 2018. Any returns submitted will be held until the IRS starts processing.
  • Printing for the following main forms:
    • 1040 Federal
    • 1065 Federal
    • 1120S Federal
    • 1041 Federal
    • 990 Federal
    • Note: Not all federal forms are finalized and/or approved, so not all returns can be printed or filed at this time.
  • Notification Center Banner
    • When there are new notifications detected, a red banner will appear across the top of your screen to indicate new unread notifications
    • Click the banner to go to the Notifications tab to view
    • There is an option to hide the banner until the next time notifications are detected.

This update also enables the following features and functionality that weren’t available in a prior 2018 version:

  • Reports:
    • Tax Calculator
    • TaxWatch 2018
    • Prior Year Comparison
    • Joint Vs. Separate
  • Tools
    • Stock Assistant
    • CSV Stock Import
  • Ancillary Products
    • Republic Bank
    • River City Bank
    • Protection Plus

Additional updates to enable e-filing and print for additional Federal Editions and forms will be available soon. Watch here for notifications as updates become available.

State Editions will start releasing in the next week. To see the current anticipated release date for each State Edition (by form), visit the State Release Dates page.

You may also want to ensure the “If already connected to the internet, automatically check for updates on program startup” checkbox is checked in the Tools –> Options menu. In addition, you can check for updates at any time by clicking the Online –> Check for Updates menu.