The 4 Things Your Tax Firm’s Pricing Should Include

It’s time to stop giving away your time for free!

Recently, we discovered that many of the customers we work with do not understand their worth as a tax professional. Because of this, so many are undercharging for their tax preparation services!

According to the 2021 NATP Fee Study, 74% of tax professionals reported that the increased complexity of their work has directly impacted their profitability. What does this mean? It means you are not alone! Data also shows that “Per-Form,” and “Per-Hour” are no longer the best approach charging for services in 2022. After learning this information, we knew it was time for TaxAct Professional to make a free resource available to pros so they can learn more about pricing the services they offer.

Flash forward to June 23rd and 24th, 2022– when we held two virtual Pricing Workshops for tax professionals, hosted by Will Hamilton, Co-Founder of SmartPath. During these 45-minute trainings, our attendees had the opportunity to learn how to better package and price their tax/accounting services, so that they could begin charging their clients an amount that reflects their value as a tax preparer.

What Was Included –

  • How to know if your practice is a good fit for adjusting your pricing right now.
  • The right mix of planning services that today’s clients are happy to pay for.
  • How to get clients to raise their hand for a fee increase with a simple 2-part filtering method.
  • The stress-free client meeting formula that allows you to bump client fees without any hard selling.
  • How to convert existing clients to high-value monthly engagements without upsetting or alienating anyone.
  • [Bonus] Get the step-by-step plan to confidently increase fees with 5 clients in 30 days.

Because we know this information is so valuable to tax professionals, we took the recording from this virtual workshop and have made it available for you to download here, for no charge. To do so, simply complete the form below and click submit. From there, you will be redirected to this video, for you to watch at your leisure. 

We hope you enjoy this content and are able to take away some advice that you can begin implementing within your practice in time for this next tax season! Webinar / Workshop and associated content presented by LLC.

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What is SmartPath? Over the past 12+ years, SmartPath has worked to help small firms increase their monthly revenue and simplify their client work, all while aiming to make life easier for tax professionals.