How to Setup a Referral Marketing System for Your Practice

Recording and presentation materials from webinar hosted in June of 2024.

On June 5th, we hosted a 1-hour webinar, where Will Hamilton of, presented on how to develop a referral marketing system, unique to your tax practice. A special thanks to everyone that joined us live!

Because referrals are the number 1 way tax preparers grow their practice, we knew it was important to record this content and make it readily available to all, in preparation for the upcoming tax season. If you are interested in accessing this content, simply follow the directions below. We hope you’re able to take this content and positively impact your tax firm as a result!

What’s Included:

  • Video recording from June webinar.
  • PowerPoint used by presenter.
  • SmartPath’s Referral  Guide.

Access Content:

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