Version 1.10 is now available for all TaxAct 2018 Professional Federal Editions. This update includes:

  • Users will now see a pop-up alert when there are new posts in the Notification Center. The alert will not disrupt what you are currently working on. If no action is taken the alert will disappear after 10 seconds; you can also close the alert by clicking X in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up. Pop-up alerts can be disabled by selecting Preparer –> Preferences –> Miscellaneous tab –> Uncheck “Show notification alert pop-up” box –> Click “Save and Exit”.
  • Married separate calculation report has been updated.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.

TaxAct 2018 Professional can automatically check for updates by selecting Tools –> Options, and selecting “If already connected to the internet, automatically check for updates on program startup.” You can also check for software updates at any time by selecting Online –> Check for Updates.