During tax season it’s important to have all hands on deck…everyone coming together to help make the season successful. It’s also important during this busy time to ensure you don’t put the security of the data you are managing at risk. A change made this year to TaxAct Professional will help.

In our 2018 software TaxAct implemented single device sign-on, which doesn’t allow multiple users to sign into the software concurrently from different devices using the same login credentials. While sharing login credentials seems harmless, there are reasons it was important for us to update TaxAct Professional. Some of the reasons include:

  • Using a single username is less secure, as all users have full administrative access.
  • Practice administrators cannot deactivate or set permissions for individual preparers.
  • Data integrity can be affected when login credentials are shared.

Over the years we have consistently received customer reports stating that returns, or data in returns, was missing from their TaxAct Professional software. As we investigated these instances, a commonality we saw was that it was happening where there were multiple preparers in a practice using cloud storage, but only one user account was setup…the users were sharing a single username and password.

If you currently share login credentials, don’t worry. You can still provide other preparers access to TaxAct Professional Enterprise software by providing each user with their own unique invitation through the TaxAct Preparer Invitation Process.

This easy-to-follow process provides each user with their own unique login information. The added security helps provide you with:

  • More control over who has access to your software.
  • The ability to turn user access and permissions on and off in the event of employee changes.
  • Logging of time, date, and name stamp of who made changes within the system, for additional checks and balances.

Invite each preparer individually, safeguard the information your clients trust you with, and protect yourself and your firm from the potential loss of productivity and profit. Not sure what you need? Contact our TaxAct Professional Sales Team – 319.563.3571 or ProSales@TaxAct.com – and they can help.