For many small business owners, running payroll is not seen as an essential business function. But payroll’s direct connection to employee compensation and the fact that 40 percent of small businesses incur an average $845 per year in IRS penalties clearly outline that payroll may be worth another look.

Do you know how your clients are handling payroll? The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that 64 percent of small business owners do payroll themselves. Of those doing it in-house, a little over half allocate owner/manager time to running payroll and nearly a third rely on a paid staff member.

Is this the best use of your clients’ time?

What to do when clients come calling

A recent study conducted by SurePayroll and Source Media unveiled that nearly 75 percent of accounting professionals offered payroll services because clients explicitly asked for help. Whether due to an IRS penalty or increasingly complex regulation, small business owners are calling on their trusted advisors – accountants, tax preparers, financial advisors and others – to help with their payroll needs.

What are they looking for?

The top three things small business clients look for when reaching out for payroll help:

  1. A trusted source of payroll expertise
  2. Accurate payroll filing
  3. Time savings

 How you can help

You can now offer easy payroll to clients without the added time. As a SurePayroll reseller, you get a fully branded, full-service payroll business so you and your clients can quickly and easily run payroll. And, you both get the peace of mind that payroll and payroll taxes are handled correctly.

Sign Up today for no upfront costs to receive:

  • Free practice payroll
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