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Professional tax return preparers like you face a unique set of business challenges. You work in very compact, intense business cycles while competing for clients with other preparers and big stores. You run a business and have to manage various relationships. You also have to navigate frequently changing tax law and IRS regulations. These challenges don’t leave time for much else, let alone time to discover new ways to manage your practice or grow your bottom line.

That’s why we’ve partnered with various industry leaders to create TaxAct ProAdvance, an online resource center where TaxAct Professional customers like you can easily find information and resources to enhance your practice. Our partners are experts in a wide range of small business subjects – from business loans and website design, to continuing education and payroll.

TaxAct ProAdvance features valuable tips, news and special offers from our partners, all designed to help boost your practice’s efficiency and productivity, and discover new opportunities to expand your client services and bottom line.

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