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Sales and Marketing (9)

Bank Products for Tax Preparers – Downloadable PDF

Understanding the ins and outs of bank products can be difficult! But, it doesn’t have to be. To help our pros understand what tax-related bank products are, why they are important, and why customers want you to offer them, TaxAct Professional has put together a downloadable PDF that breaks all of this down in-depth. That way, you can print this out and easily reference as needed, or even share with your customers should they have any questions.

Guide to Building a Referral Program

Referrals are a crucial part of building and scaling a business – no matter what industry you’re in. Recently, we learned that many of our customers have not taken the time to create a formal referral program within their tax firm. Let us help you grow your customer base in a way that is good for you, your firm, and your current/future clients. After all, it’s never too late to work towards establishing a successful referral program. Download our free guide now...

How Referrals Help Grow Your Business

Meet Nyrie Sarkissian, owner of Tax Prep A-Go-Go & current TaxAct Professional customer. In this article, Nyrie discusses her top three steps to generating referral business. "If you want to be successful as a tax preparer, it’s about more than just having loyal clients. To grow your business, you need for those loyal clients to work for you, by referring you new clients!"

How to Market Your Tax Firm

Meet Nyrie Sarkissian, owner of Tax Prep A-Go-Go & current TaxAct Professional customer. In this article, Nyrie discusses her top 3 marketing MUSTS, when it comes to her tax firm.

Bank Usage Resource

This page is dedicated to our PRO's who are using bank products and may need some additional guidance on how to go about using these products. We will show you how to initiate a refund transfer, cover FAQ's, and provide you materials you can use to market to your clients.

Bank Webinar Enrollment

To learn more about how Bank Products work and how you can use them to benefit both you and your customers, enroll in a webinar today.

The Power
of Video

Listen as Ethan Beute explains how you can utilize simple/personal videos to significantly improve your customer's experience, as well as your firm's sales and marketing efforts.

Exactly What
To Say

Imagine if you knew the magic words in every sales situation that could help your customers make the right decision and, when it makes sense for them, buy from you. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can apply this knowledge, as you work towards scaling your practice.

Utilizing the
80/20 Rule

Perry Marshall, the author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing helps you to understand how to leverage the 80/20 rule to grow your business. Figure out what’s working and what’s not so you can do more of what is and less of what’s not.

Practice Management (12)

Five Reasons Tax Pros Should Offer Financial Planning

Learn about the “Five Reasons Tax Professionals Should Consider Adding Financial Planning” to their practice, including insights from Bob Carey of Hanna Tax and Wealth Planners, who was able to transform his tax practice into a successful financial services firm by offering this service to his existing clients.

Refund Transfers Are Good For Business

It's time to offer your clients the ability to file for $0 upfront. Plus, you'll earn more money from incentives AND grow your business.

Learn How Bank Products Benefit You & Your Customers

Are you interested in learning how your firm can offer tax-related bank products, to benefit both you and your customers? In these bank product webinars, we cover how you can leverage Refund Transfers and Cash Advances to grow your business and provide an excellent customer experience.

TaxDome Lite Is Here!

We’ve partnered with TaxDome to bring you over 20 key practice management features that will help you set up your mobile-friendly virtual practice. Features include unlimited and secure file storage, unlimited signatures, customizable CRM and secure messaging. Learn more...

TheTaxBook – Your New Go-To Research Tool

We've partnered with The TaxBook, to offer our pros their award-winning online tax research solution at a discounted price! Eager to have tax information at your fingertips? As well as save yourself/your firm time and money during the research process? Order The TaxBook’s WebLibrary Plus today, so that you can implement this new tool in time for TY21...

Let’s Talk Bank Products

In addition to the new software features/updates we have implemented for TY21, TaxAct® Professional is focusing heavily on bank products and providing our pros with more options this season. Take a look at our updated bank product offerings and learn what sets ours apart from the rest of the marketplace…

TaxAct Professional Client Xchange is Here

A faster, more convenient, and secure way to exchange documents with your clients. In the digital age, being able to exchange information securely, conveniently, and quickly with your clients is important. TaxAct® Professional Client Xchange enables you and your clients to do so from any device with internet access!

Essential Virtual Tools
for Your Practice

Here are some of the tools that are vital when it comes to running your practice virtually. After all, it’s not enough to just set up your laptop in a home office and expect that your business will run the same.

The Financial Services Firm
for Tax Professionals

Do more for your clients with tax-smart financial planning and wealth management. Learn how...

Is It More Efficient
to Work from Home?

In this article, Brian Hershman from CPA Practice Advisor talks about whether or not it is more efficient to work from home in our current environment. Keep reading to learn more...

Set Up a System to Manage Busy Season Risks During the Pandemic

Wilhelm Dingler, JD offers some thoughts to help you remain focused on providing outstanding client service, while continuing to maintain proper risk management techniques and processes. This will be crucial in scaling your practice, especially during a pandemic.

Creating a New
Firm Vision

In this podcast, Dan Hood with Accounting Today talks about how to ensure that your firms' core purpose, mission, and vision align with the changing times.

Enhancing Your Leadership Skills (3)

Tips to Help You & Your Team Avoid Burnout

Over the years I’ve implemented a few key strategies to avoid getting too stressed out. High stress is not only unhealthy, but it can lead to burn-out and what I like to call “fog brain” where you could do a simple miscalculation that could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars to your client. Sure, we all know the basics…taking breaks, exercising, getting enough sleep. What I want to share with you are 4 key pieces of advice that go beyond the basics to help keep yourself sane during this time of year.
Written By: Nyrie Sarkissian

Leading in Times of Disruption Part 1

Andy Stanley talks about uncertainty and disruption are why the world needs leaders. This podcast episode discusses how to lead in uncertain times.

Leading in Times of Disruption Part 2

In times of disruption, your voice is more important than your words, your presence is more important than your presentation, and clarity is the next best thing to certainty.