Starting Your Tax Practice?

Explore resources from TaxAct Professional and others curated from outside sources to get your practice up and running quickly.


Are you ready to start your tax practice?

It’s not as simple as hanging an open sign in your office window. In this e-book, we offer tips to walk you through forming your business, building your practice, and growing it with marketing strategies.

Whether you want to start and stay a solo practitioner or you have dreams of growing a larger firm, these first steps will put you on the right path.

Sales and Marketing (5)

The Power
of Video

Listen as Ethan Beute explains how you can improve customer experience, sales, and marketing with simple, personal videos.

Exactly What
To Say

Imagine if you knew the magic words in every sales situation that could help your customers make the right decision and, when it makes sense for them, buy from you.

The Power
of 80/20

Perry Marshall, the author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing helps you to understand how to leverage the 80/20 rule to grow your business. Figure out what’s working and what’s not so you can do more of what is and less of what’s not.

Sales and Marketing
Book Recommendations

Matt Davis, part of the TaxAct Professional Marketing team shares a few books you may want to consider to take your sales and marketing to the next level.

8 Skills the Top 5% of Sales Professionals Possess

What are the most important skills for sales professionals to possess? Lori Richardson, CEO at Women Sales Pros and Executive Producer James Carbary breaks down the eight proven skills the top 5% of sales pros have.

Practice Management (2)

Set Up a System to Manage Busy Season Risks During the Pandemic

Wilhelm Dingler, JD offers some thoughts to help you remain focused on providing outstanding client service while continuing to maintain proper risk management techniques and processes.

Time for a New Firm Vision

Dan Hood with Accounting Today talks about firms' core purpose, mission, and vision aligning with the changing times we are all faced with today…a pandemic.

Leadership (4)

How To Do Conflict Well!

Listen as John Bower explains how to deal with conflict in a way that benefits you and the other party involved. As John points out, emotions buried alive never die. This is a powerful video that will help guide your interactions with your clients.

Why Good Leaders
Make You Feel Safe

Simon Sinek, a Management Theorist, talks about how good leaders make their team feel safe.

Leading in Times of Disruption Part 1

Andy Stanley talks about uncertainty and disruption are why the world needs leaders. This podcast episode discusses how to lead in uncertain times.

Leading in Times of Disruption Part 2

In times of disruption, your voice is more important than your words, your presence is more important than your presentation, and clarity is the next best thing to certainty.