Starting Your Tax Practice?

Explore resources from TaxAct Professional and others curated from outside sources to get your practice up and running quickly.


Are you ready to start your tax practice?

It’s not as simple as hanging an open sign in your office window. In this e-book, we offer tips to walk you through forming your business, building your practice, and growing it with marketing strategies.

Whether you want to start and stay a solo practitioner or you have dreams of growing a larger firm, these first steps will put you on the right path.

Sales/Marketing for New Firms (6)

How to Market Your Tax Firm

Meet Nyrie Sarkissian, owner of Tax Prep A-Go-Go & current TaxAct Professional customer. In this article, Nyrie discusses her top 3 marketing MUSTS, when it comes to her tax firm.

Bank Usage Resource

This page is dedicated to our PRO's who are using bank products and may need some additional guidance on how to go about using these products. We will show you how to initiate a refund transfer, cover FAQ's, and provide you materials you can use to market to your clients.

Bank Webinar Enrollment

To learn more about how Bank Products work and how you can use them to benefit both you and your customers, enroll in a webinar today.

Using Traditional Marketing
to Gain Leads

Becky Livingston from CPA Practice Advisor, talks about how you can still use traditional marketing efforts to meet your goals, even in a world that is passionate about all things Social Media. Read this article for more information on maintaining your brands identity, while still keeping in mind "creative, design, placement, target market, and use."

Sales and Marketing
Book Recommendations

Starting your own practice can be difficult, especially if you have limited experience in the world of sales and marketing. In this video, we will share a few books for you to read and learn about taking your new firm's sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

8 Skills the Top 5% of Sales Professionals Possess

What are the most important skills for sales professionals to possess? Lori Richardson, CEO at Women Sales Pros and Executive Producer James Carbary breaks down these eight proven skills the top 5% of sales pros have. Take a moment to see how you can apply her knowledge to your new practice.

How to Be a Good Leader (3)

Tips to Help You & Your Team Avoid Burnout

Over the years I’ve implemented a few key strategies to avoid getting too stressed out. High stress is not only unhealthy, but it can lead to burn-out and what I like to call “fog brain” where you could do a simple miscalculation that could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars to your client. Sure, we all know the basics…taking breaks, exercising, getting enough sleep. What I want to share with you are 4 key pieces of advice that go beyond the basics to help keep yourself sane during this time of year.
Written By: Nyrie Sarkissian

Learn How To
Handle Conflict Well

Listen as John Bower explains how to deal with conflict in a way that benefits you and the other party involved. As John points out, emotions buried alive never die. This is a powerful video that will help guide your interactions with your clients, as you kickstart your new practice.

How Good Leaders
Create a Safe
Work Environment

Simon Sinek, a Management Theorist, talks about how good leaders work to make their team feel safe. Watch this video and learn how you can ensure your team feels this way, from the moment you open your own practice.

Tax Tools for Your Practice (10)

Exclusive Tools From TheTaxBook!

To give you a glimpse into just how beneficial TheTaxBook can be for your business, we’ve provided you with a free sample of their offerings. To download this content, simply complete the form below to access, compliments of TaxAct Professional and TheTaxBook.

The 4 Things Your Pricing Should Include in 2022

On June 23rd and 24th we held two virtual Pricing Workshops for tax professionals, hosted by Will Hamilton, Co-Founder of SmartPath. During these 45-minute trainings, our attendees had the opportunity to learn how to better package and price their tax/accounting services, so that they could begin charging their clients an amount that reflects their value as a tax preparer. Download this video now!

Tax Audit Defense with ProtectionPlus

TaxAct Professional has partnered with ProtectionPlus to provide comprehensive tax resolution services and identity theft resolution services for your clients.

TaxDome Lite Is Here!

We’ve partnered with TaxDome to bring you over 20 key practice management features that will help you set up your mobile-friendly virtual practice. Features include unlimited and secure file storage, unlimited signatures, customizable CRM and secure messaging. Learn more...

TheTaxBook – Your New Go-To Research Tool

We've partnered with The TaxBook, to offer our pros their award-winning online tax research solution at a discounted price! Eager to have tax information at your fingertips? As well as save yourself/your firm time and money during the research process? Order The TaxBook’s WebLibrary Plus today, so that you can implement this new tool in time for TY21...

A Few Tips on Collecting Payments from Clients

Why is it that when it comes to filing a client’s taxes, you find yourself in one of two positions; feeling fine asking for payment because your client is getting a great refund, or timidly asking for payment because your client owes taxes? We should not be made to feel badly because of their situation. So, how do we make it easier to get paid?

Help Your Clients
Minimize Tax Liability
in 10 Simple Steps

TaxAct Professional has created a guide for you to share with your clients, that can assist them in minimizing their tax liability year to year. Download & share with them today, so that they can get a jumpstart before this next tax season!

Handling Client Information
The Do’s & Don’ts

In this article, TaxAct Professional breaks down what you can & cannot do with your clients' tax information. As you start your practice, this information will be crucial to ensure you are safeguarding all client data from the beginning.

EFIN & PTIN – What Are They
& Why Do You Need Them?

This article provides an in-depth breakdown on EFIN & PTIN, how to get them & what requirements you & your firm need to be aware of as we move into this next tax season.

Guide to Creating
a Data Security Plan

Creating your data security plan for your new firm does not have to be difficult. Let TaxAct Professional help! Here you will find a downloadable guide for you to utilize as you walk through this mandatory process...