The 1065 and 1120S extension deadline is Monday, September 16. Here are some things to keep in mind as you finish and file your clients’ returns.

  • The deadline is 12:00 midnight in the filer’s local time zone, but file early if possible.
  • Be sure any taxes owed have been paid by your taxpayer by the deadline or there may be penalties and interest.
  • As long as the return is e-filed on time, you will have an electronic filing perfection period to retransmit to address any rejection errors for 10 calendar days (through Thursday, September 26).
  • If you’re unable to retransmit the e-file to correct an error and need to paper file the return, attach a copy of the rejection which will indicate the Date Submitted and Date Processed. You can easily print this information by clicking on the status for the affected client in the EF Status column within Client Manager.