If your office prepares a high volume of returns annually, you already know how costly tax prep software can be. Add in the cost of refund transfers, technical support, and a bevy of other services, and you’re looking at a potentially uncertain ability to control your cash flow throughout the year. That’s where TaxAct Professional® and ERO Select come into play.

What are the Benefits of TaxAct’s ERO Select?

To put it plainly, ERO Select is a bundled service that allows your office to take advantage of cutting-edge prep software, seamless e-filing, tech support, and Refund Transfer by Republic Bank — all at $15 per return and no cost upfront.

ERO Select gives you the advantage of control, allowing you to better manage your software expenses — and your bottom line — without paying anything to get started. How does it work? The program requires a contractual commitment of 50 returns minimum, with no limit to the number of returns you can file at $15 each. If you don’t happen to submit 50 returns for that year, simply pay the difference. Easy, straightforward, affordable — the way serving your clients and growing your practice should be.

How to Get Started

TaxAct Professional is all about simplifying every process we can to make your job easier, and getting started with ERO Select is no exception. To begin, follow these three steps:

  1. Fill out the pre-qualification form at the bottom of the ERO Select page.
  2. Receive approval from Republic Bank.
  3. Sign your ERO Select contract.

If you’d like to learn more about how ERO Select can benefit your practice, we’re here to help. And don’t worry if you haven’t already signed up — there’s still time to take advantage of our cost-saving software for the 2019 season. Still have questions? Give our specialists a call at (319) 536-3571, or send us an email at prosales@taxact.com. We look forward to helping you complete your most successful season yet.