If you haven’t already explored the benefits of Client Xchange, now’s the time to do so. As the busiest time of year continues to ramp up, any advantage you can employ is a potential boon to your practice’s bottom line.

Client Xchange allows you to interface with your clients in a way that is convenient, cost effective, and secure. Taxpayers are able to quickly upload and download documents via an account protected by a password they create. 24/7 access to your secured, unique site URL ensures that your customers feel safe sharing their data, adding an additional aspect of confidence to a task that might otherwise prove daunting.

Providing your clients with a more secure way to transfer information helps to protect your practice from IRS interference, but it aids in growing your business in other ways as well. These include:

  • A notification feature that allows you to fully focus on your customers (rather than wasting time hunting down documents)
  • Significantly reduced likelihood of mistakes regarding email or physical addresses
  • The ability to easily respond to customer requests for documents instantly

While mailing paper documents is still the preferred method for some, the number of customers who choose to send and receive their sensitive data via snail mail is consistently dwindling. Significantly cut down on the cost of postage and mailing supplies with Client Xchange, and simultaneously cater to the growing base of customers who are opting out of paper mail due to green initiatives — research shows that paperless transactions are becoming more and more important to millions of Americans by the year.

Give Yourself the Gift of Enhanced Productivity and Security

Learn more about how Client Xchange can help your practice continue to grow and prosper not only during this tax season, but all year round. As always, TaxAct Professional is your go-to resource for convenient solutions designed with your success in mind. We look forward to continuing to support your business and your clients.