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The Perfect Pricing Script

The easiest way to “talk about fees” with any client. Even if that person is a friend or family member.

The Perfect Pricing Template

How to nail the perfect price for any tax client in 3 Simple Steps.

TaxAct Professional x Pricing Workshop

In 2022, we held a live webinar with If you’re interested in accessing this content, click the button below!

– How to know if your practice is a good fit for adjusting your pricing right now.

РThe right mix of planning services that today’s clients are happy to pay for.

– How to get clients to raise their hand for a fee increase with a simple 2-part filtering method.

– The stress-free client meeting formula that allows you to bump client fees without any hard selling.

– How to convert existing clients to high-value monthly engagements without upsetting or alienating anyone.

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