We are pleased to announce that TaxAct Professional has updated the Tax Calculator to reflect the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It will help you advise your clients on where they can start making adjustments now that will positively impact their tax bottom line.

The Tax Calculator can be accessed in-product by clicking in to a client return then choosing “Tax Calculator 2018” from the “Reports” menu.

Tax Calculator 2018 TaxAct Professional

Tax Calculator 2018 allows you to compare the tax reform changes, but can also be used for same year scenarios. You can display up to three years side-by-side by using the dropdown menu.

Tax Calculator 2018 TaxAct Professional

At TaxAct Professional our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to help your clients as efficiently as possible.

Be on the lookout for an updated TaxWatch towards mid-March! TaxWatch provides a narrative view in to the new tax law changes. A generic version of the tool is available now in-product, also under the “Reports” menu.