Summer mode is in full swing and tax season is behind us, but don’t let your guard down. During this time of year scammers are in full force using new, different types of soliciting scams to catch taxpayers off guard. The IRS recently released warning signs to avoid getting caught up in a summertime scam.

Scammers are leaving voice message threats such as, demanding a taxpayer to return the call or there will be a warrant out for their arrest.

“Electronic Federal Tax Payment System” (EFTPS)
This new scam that is sweeping the nation is linked to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Con artists contact victims claiming they are from the IRS and alert the taxpayer that notices sent to them return back as undeliverable. They immediately demand payment.

“Private Debt Collection Scams”
The IRS has started sending letters to a sparse group of taxpayers who owe tax payments. The IRS has assigned these taxpayers to a specific Private-Sector Collection Agency. Scammers are capitalizing on knowing this information by posing as private collectors.

Indication of a scam:

  • Immediate demand of payment of any kind
  • No chance to appeal
  • Directly asking for credit or debit card numbers

If you are unsure if you owe taxes or even if you have no reason to believe you owe you can always locate account information at to view any amount that is due, along with instructions on how to make your payment safely. Avoid getting caught in the scam trap!