We know you have options when it comes to selecting professional tax preparation software. Thank you for choosing TaxAct 2022 Professional Editions. We are continually working to improve our software to help Tax Professionals like you to be more efficient and effective and to provide a product you and your clients can trust.

Throughout the tax year, we will make information available to you using the Notification Center within TaxAct 2022 Professional. Subjects will include enhancements, updates, and form availability, among other things.

The following TaxAct 2022 Professional Editions are now available:

  • Federal 1040 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1065 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1120 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1120S – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1041 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 990 – Version 0.90

For 2022, here’s what you’ll notice has been updated:

  • Data Conversion Pro-Series 1040 – you can now convert clients from Pro-Series 1040 to TaxAct 2022 program with a promising accuracy.
  • E-signature Integration –Use electronic tax signing software to get everything signed and tracked from anywhere.
  • Expanded forms and e-file coverage – We are adding over 100 new forms and are expanding our e-file coverage for TY22! Plus, we’re adding CA 990, WA 1040, FL 1040, TX 990 and FL 1041 products.
  • TheTaxBook partnership – Now our pros have access to TheTaxBook’s award-winning online tax research solutions at a discounted price.
  • Support improvements – We’ve introduced SMS text messaging alerts and substantially increased the size of our support team which now includes Spanish speaking agents.
  • Follow us on YouTube to see product training, guides and see exclusive content!

TaxAct 2022 Professional can automatically check for updates by selecting Tools –> Options, and selecting “If already connected to the internet, automatically check for updates on program startup.” You can also check for software updates at any time by selecting Online –> Check for Updates.

Again, thank you for choosing TaxAct Professional. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Pro Sales: ProSales@TaxAct.com, (319) 536-3571

Account and software questions: Professional@TaxActService.com,(319) 731-2682 option 1

Tax-related questions: ProTaxHelp@TaxAct.com, (319) 731-2682 option 2


Product feedback and suggestions.

We look forward to working with you!