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Compliments of TheTaxBook and TaxAct Professional

TaxAct Professional will be working with TheTaxBook again this tax season! Because of this… Any TaxAct Professional customers, who purchase TheTaxBook’s WebLibrary Plus1 for TY23, will receive their award-winning tax research solution at a discounted rate of $249 (regular price –$319).

Last year TaxAct Professional and TheTaxBook provided pros with a glimpse into TheTaxBook’s resources, for free. Because this was so well received, we have decided to do this again for 2023, so that you can see for yourself just how valuable their resources are and how much they can positively impact your tax practice.

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What’s Inside:

  • Estate Inventory Worksheet
  • IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Worksheet – Join Life and Last Survivor Expectancy Table
  • IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Worksheet – Uniform Lifetime Table
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction Limit Worksheet
  • NOL Business/Nonbusiness Allocation Worksheet
  • Sale of Home Worksheet
  • Schedule K-1 Codes (Form 1120-S) – S Corporation
  • Schedule K-1 Codes (Form 1065) – Partnership
  • Schedule K-1 Codes (Form 1041) – Estates and Trusts
  • Wage Gross-Up

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