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Helpful tools for tax professionals to get paid what they’re worth. 

We understand that so many tax preparers have a difficult time properly pricing their tax preparation service fees. So much so that we held a pricing workshop  last summer, as the first step towards educating our tax professionals on their true value.

But as we move into TY23, it’s important that we continue to educate on this topic, so that our pros can go into this next tax season feeling confident and financially successful. That’s where comes in… understands that tax professionals are some of the most helpful people on the planet. They also know that running a profitable tax/accounting firm continues to get harder as time goes on. Because of this, they’ve developed extensive education documents and training on pricing, as well as a software that takes the guess work out and helps tax preparers create a pricing structure that makes sense for their firm.

Because TaxAct Professional understands the need for this type of education is so prevalent, we have partnered with to provide our pros with helpful tools that will help you nail the perfect price for any tax client, at any point during tax season. Take a look below, to receive a sneak peak of this content…

These tools include:

  • The Perfect Pricing Template – Downloadable PDF
  • The Perfect Pricing Template Video Presentation
  • Additional Video Content

We believe that this information will be invaluable to your tax practice. Don’t wait – complete our form and download this information today.

Downloading these pricing tools:

Upon completing our form, you will receive access to a library of tools from, to help you better understand what you should be charging for your tax services, and how to go about implementing changes in time for TY23. We encourage you to download these documents onto your computer and bookmark any other pages/videos you wish to look back on at a later date.

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