In order to share software downloads, unlimited or prepaid e-filing, reporting, or services (such as Client Xchange, if purchased), the Practice Owner must send each additional preparer an e-mail invitation from the Practice Owner’s account (the account under which the program was purchased). The e-mail will include a unique link. The invited preparer must click this to associate his or her own TaxAct account to that practice ID.

You may follow the instructions below to invite a preparer from the Practice Owner’s account (the account under which the TaxAct program was purchased):

  1. Sign In to the Practice Owner’s TaxAct account on line.
  2. Click the Practice Administration tile.
  3. Click the Preparer Invitation dropdown menu.
  4. Fill out the invitee and Practice Owner names and email addresses on the form.
  5. Click the Send Email button to send the invitation e-mail.
  6. For security purposes, the Practice ID is not included in the invitation e-mail. The Practice ID should be provided separately to the invited preparer. The Practice ID is located in the upper right corner when logged into your TaxAct account online.
  7. On the computer where the invitee will be accepting the practice invitation, please ensure that no user is signed in on the TaxAct website before proceeding to step 8.
  8. The invitee must click on the Create a TaxAct account link in the e-mail to create a linked TaxAct account or click the sign in here link in the e-mail to link an existing account to the practice. Please note that you must click the applicable link from the invitation e-mail or the invitee’s TaxAct account will not be linked to the practice.

 Practice Owners using cloud-based storage may also invite preparers from within the TaxAct program by selecting Preparer > Master Information > Preparers from the menu bar and clicking Invite next to the preparer entry.