November is already halfway over, and if you haven’t started your end-of-year planning for the season ahead, now is the time to get started. Fortunately, TaxAct® Professional offers comprehensive tax preparation solutions for practices of all sizes, and our software for tax year 2019 is already available for download.

Why Purchase Tax Preparation Software Now?

As tax season approaches, the cost of professional preparation software steadily increases. Purchasing early can mean hundreds of dollars in savings for your practice, especially if you take advantage of TaxAct Professional before January 1. Current prices are as follows:

  • Small Practice Bundle– Professional 1040 Edition, 1040 All-States Edition, and 20 e-files for just $349 – a 36% discount off list price!
  • Growing Practice Bundle– Professional 1040 Edition, 1040 All-States Edition, 1 Business Edition, 1 Business State Edition, and 35 e-files for just $449 – a 53% discount off list price!
  • Growing Practice Plus Bundle– Professional 1040 Edition, 1040 All-States Edition, 2 Business Editions, 2 Business State Editions, and 5 e-files for just $549 – a 60% discount off list price!
  • Mature Practice Bundle– Professional 1040 Edition, 1040 All-States Edition, 3 Business Editions, 3 Business State Editions, and 75 e-files for just $649 – a 66% discount off list price!

Maximizing your savings on your choice of software isn’t the only reason to order before the new year. Because TaxAct’s federal editions are available for immediate download upon purchase, you can begin setting up your software right away. Start importing last year’s returns and creating client organizers today, and reap the benefits of being ahead of the game when business picks up in January.

Client Benefits that Make a Difference

Clearly, your practice stands to gain significantly from powerful tax preparation software that also happens to be competitively priced. However, your clients see a multitude of advantages as well when you choose TaxAct Professional.

If you’re in the business of passing savings on to your customers, for example, TaxAct may help you offer more affordable prices than other practices in your area — and you can add to your bottom line without sacrificing capabilities other software providers charge more for. It’s common knowledge that potential clients do a fair amount of shopping around when it comes to selecting a professional tax preparer, many of them looking for the most budget-friendly option available. Be the practice that stands out not only for your knowledge and experience — attract more business with the price point local taxpayers are looking for.

TaxAct Professional also allows you to easily track the status of your clients’ e-filed returns and generate reports anywhere, anytime. For customers who need that extra bit of reassurance that everything is running smoothly, the ability to quickly access and provide this information can prove invaluable.

TaxAct Professional: Helping You Make the Most of Your Time and Money

For more than two decades, TaxAct has provided innovative, intuitive tax preparation software for professional practices like yours. Our products are designed with the growth and success of your business in mind. Increase your productivity, reduce the amount of time spent preparing each return, and enjoy cutting-edge tools at up to 68% off of list price.

 Just be sure to act before January 1 to claim your savings on the TaxAct Professional product that’s right for you.

Pricing is accurate as of 12/23/2019 and is subject to change.