Versions 1.02 for 1040 and 1.01 for 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041, and 990 are now available for TaxAct 2019 Professional Federal Editions. This updated includes:

  • E-filing for the following:
    • 990 Federal
  • Professional Reports – E-filing Billing Summary Update
    • Payment column will now include any applicable sales tax paid along with the e-filing fees
  •  Preparer Address information now required
    • If you are missing address information in your Preparer Master Information, you will be required to add it prior to e-filing
  • Prompt user at start of e-file if return is locked
    • Use will need to unlock in order to e-file, so we’re prompting at the start of the e-file process.

This update also enables the following major federal forms and features that weren’t available in a prior 2019 version:

  • Major Federal Forms
    • Form 8995 – Qualified Business Income Deduction Simplified Computation
    • Schedule F – Profit or Loss From Farming
    • Form 8879 – IRS e-file Signature Authorization (removed Do Not File watermark)
    • Form 8879-PE – IRS e-file Signature Authorization for Form 1065 (removed Do Not File watermark)
    • Form 8582 – Passive Activity Loss Limitations
  • Tools
    • K1 Import/Export
    • Accounting Records Import
    • Stock Import (OFX)

State Editions are continuing to release daily. To see the current anticipated release date for each State Edition (by form), visit the State Release Dates page.

You may also want to ensure the “If already connected to the internet, automatically check for updates on program startup” checkbox is checked in the Tools –> Options menu. In addition, you can check for updates at any time by clicking the Online –> Check for Updates menu.