The following TaxAct 2021 Professional Editions are now available:

  • Federal 1040 – Version 1.0
  • Federal 1065 – Version 1.0
  • Federal 1120 – Version 1.0
  • Federal 1120S – Version 1.0
  • Federal 1041 – Version 1.0
  • Federal 990 – Version 1.0

The latest updates include the following changes:

  • Printing and E-filing have been enabled for the 2021 tax filing year.
    • Note: See product limitations below.
  • Added a preference to display full form names in the forms list
    • Preparer -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Forms Explorer
  • Other minor bugs and enhancements

Product Limitations for v1.0:

  • The following forms can’t be e-filed or printed at this current time:
    • Form 1040-NR – U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return
    • Form 1040-SS – U.S. Self-Employment Tax Return
    • Form 8915F (2021) – Qualified Disaster Retirement Plan Distributions and Repayments
  • The following forms can’t be printed at this current time:
    • Schedule EIC – Earned Income Credit can’t be printed 
    • Form 1041 – U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts 
    • Form 8453-PE – Partnership Declaration of E-File
    • Form 8879-S – Signature Authorization for Form 1120S
    • Form 8453-S – S-Corp Declaration of E-File
    • Form 8453-TE – Exempt Organization Declaration and Signature for Electronic Filing
    • Form 8879-TE – Tax Declaration for E-File

Notes:  (1) The IRS has not yet announced when they will open for the tax year 2021. Any returns submitted will be held until the IRS starts processing. (2) The IRS has not yet released the final versions of many forms. The versions of the forms currently available are updated for 2021 based on the latest draft available from the IRS. They are available to you to print and use but will have a “DO NOT FILE” watermark until we have updated final forms from the IRS.

You can also check for updates at any time by clicking the Online –> Check for Updates menu.

Thank you for choosing TaxAct Professional. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Pro Sales:, 319.536.3571
  • Account and software questions:, 319.731.2682
  • Tax-related questions:, 319.731.2680

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