Stop Chasing Paper - Start Offering eSignature
Recording from webinar hosted by TaxAct Professional and DocuSign®.

On December 14th, TaxAct Professional partnered with DocuSign® to host a brief 1-hour virtual event on eSignature. A special thanks to everyone that joined us live!

Because we continue to grow and improve our integrated eSignature tool, we felt it was important to make the recording from this webinar readily available to all TaxAct Professionals as the next tax season nears. Interested in accessing this content? Simply follow the directions below…

What’s Included:

  • Video recording from our recent eSignature webinar with DocuSign.
  • PowerPoint used by the presenters.

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Purchased envelopes and KBAs will activate on or after January 1st and will expire on December 31, 2024. Purchased but unused envelopes and KBAs have no monetary value, before or after their expiration.

In product eSignatures are available on tax return documents, such as e-file authorization forms (Federal Form 8879 and state equivalents), applications for bank products, and other documents related to tax preparation services, but specifically excluding Federal Forms 990 and 1041.