The IRS and its Security Summit partners remind you to watch out for a variety of aggressive schemes that may arrive in email, by text, over the phone or through the mail.

If you get one of these messages, don’t reply or click the link. Report the scam by sending the email or a copy of the text to

  • Phishing: An email sent by fraudsters claiming to come from the IRS. The email lures the victims into the scam with a variety of ruses such as enticing victims with a phony tax refund or frightening them with false legal or criminal charges for tax fraud.
  • Smishing: A text or smartphone message where scammers often use alarming language such as, “Your account has now been put on hold,” or “Unusual Activity Report,” with a bogus “Solutions” link to restore the recipient’s account. Unexpected tax refunds are another potential target for scam artists.