TaxAct Professional 2018 State Editions have started releasing with more available soon (see the State Program Release Dates page for the entire list of available states and anticipated release dates).

The following TaxAct Professional 2018 States are now available:

  • 1040
    • CA
    • CT
    • CO
    • GA
    • ID
    • IL
    • IN
    • KS
    • KY
    • MD
    • MI
    • NC
    • NY
    • OK
    • OR
    • UT
    • VA
  • 1065 / 1120 / 1120S
    • DC
    • ID

If you’ve already purchased your 2018 State Edition(s), you will be able to install all available states by going to the Online –> Install State menu option. From there, you can use the Auto Install Method by checking the box next to the available state(s) and clicking the Auto Install button.

If you need to purchase State Editions, you can do this by clicking the Order State button from the same Install State menu to order online or call our Professional Sales team at 319-536-3571. We are currently experiencing high call volumes, so please take advantage of our call-back option. You can avoid waiting on the line by leaving your number, and Sales will call you back in the same order you called in.