We know you have options when it comes to selecting professional tax preparation software. Thank you for choosing TaxAct 2019 Professional Editions. We are continually working to improve our software to help Tax Professionals like you to be more efficient and effective, and to provide a product you and your clients can trust.

Throughout the tax year we will make information available to you using the Notification Center within TaxAct 2019 Professional. Subjects will include enhancements, updates, and form availability, among other things.

The following TaxAct 2019 Professional Editions are now available:

  • Federal 1040 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1065 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1120 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1120S – Version 0.90
  • Federal 1041 – Version 0.90
  • Federal 990 – Version 0.90

For 2019, here’s what you’ll notice has been updated:

  • Simplified download and installation
    • Rather than having to download and install each federal and state edition individually, you’ll be able to select all the products to download and install simultaneously.
    • The new installer is available in this FAQ and at the top of the Orders & Download tile in your Practice Manager account.
  • Centralized depreciation data entry
    • There’s a new Federal worksheet to capture state depreciation information in one location.
    • State-specific depreciation calculations on a per asset basis
    • Greater consistency when reporting state depreciation, especially for multi-state returns.
  • Browser window modernization
    • Sign In, Client Notes, PDF Import and Answer Center screens are now leveraging a modernized browser window for improved performance.
    • Sign in will give user the option to securely save your password to your local machine for quicker access to your software. You can change the preference to “remember this password” by accessing the Tools –> Options menu.
  • Online Storage improvements
    • For our Enterprise users opting for Online Storage, you’ll now be able to easy “Create a Copy” of any return.
    • Appointment Manager is now also available and will automatically pull in the contact information for existing clients.
  • Enhanced security & verification
    • The IRS is now requiring all users to verify their PTIN. To do this, you’ll need to check the box for “I verify this PTIN is accurate and the associated Preparer is the registered owner.” in the Preparer Master Information.
      • This box must be checked before you will be able to e-file or print a filing copy of a return without a watermark.
    • For those enrolled with Republic Bank, you will now need to enter the full 10-character RBIN in your Master Preparer Information.
  • Form 1040-SR preference
    • While the new form it not available yet for 2019, you do have a new General Preparer Preference if you want to force the software to always file Form 1040-SR when the return qualifies.
    • To find this preference, look under the Filing/Printing Options in the Preparer –> Master Information –> General menu.

TaxAct 2019 Professional can automatically check for updates by selecting Tools –> Options, and selecting “If already connected to the internet, automatically check for updates on program startup.” You can also check for software updates at any time by selecting Online –> Check for Updates.

Again, thank you for choosing TaxAct Professional. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We look forward to working with you!